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What branch of electrical and computer egineering should i specialize?

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    Im going to my 3rd year as a telecommunications engineering student in the university.
    I was thinking of applying to the university of Toronto for a masters degree later but the only course that really relates to my field there is Electrical and computer engineering. And of all the branches it had, the ones which caught my interest were communications and computer engineering.

    Frankly, my interest is with computer engineering. I have personally tried to teach myself programming C++ through books and the internet since we arent really thought programming.

    But i would like to know. If i go for a masters in computer engineering, would they still cover programming and maybe a bit of basics or would it be all the advanced part thereby most likely leaving me lost?

    Also what are the job prospects for a telecommunications engineer (especially in canada and for foreign students).
    And which masters gives be better chances in the market?
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    Sorry im new here and i just realised this isnt the best thread for this post. I dont know how to delete a post. Im gonna repost in the right thread.
    Again, im sorry. If theres a way to delete please inform me. Thanks
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