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What can be done with

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    what can be done with....

    what can i do with a 256 mb (presumably sdr) memory from a computer?
    i mean besides plug it in a computer, does it have other options besides its obvious (in the computer) outside the computer?
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    I'm sure you could create something that could use the RAM, you'd have to be quite the computer scientist though. I don't know of any out of the box device that would use computer RAM.
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    If the stick of memory is unusable due to errors, then you could create a nifty keychain with it.

    If the stick is still usable, there really isn't much else you can do with, unless you want to break the caseing of the IC chips. But you'll most likely destroy the layers of N and P type materials inside if you try.

    Basically RAM is made up of a decoder and an array of transistors and capacitors (The array depends on the technology). If you want more information on how RAM works visit this site:

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    if you were in the US id buy it off of you, but since youre not, make it a keychain :D
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