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What can I do that will help my portfolio/keep me sane?

  1. Mar 18, 2012 #1
    I'm at a community college right now and... the physics/math classes there are depressingly boring. I do a lot of studying on my free time, and I have a tutor who's helping me in my self-studies, but every once in a while I start thinking that self-studying isn't enough. After all I'll probably have to take the classes anyways. Does anyone have advice for what I can do that will make me more attractive to colleges or employers? I applied for an REU but got denied.

    My current portfolio website has a lot of "cool" stuff on it, but... it's a bit lacking in academic background. My math teacher recommends that I start learning about finite element analysis.

    Perhaps I should start an open source library? Or should I just keep devoting my free time to studying? (I'm almost finished with Newtonian Mechanics by A.P. French and I'm starting what will be a grueling journey through Rudin's book on analysis)

    Crud, I thought I was posting this in academic guidance.
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