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What can i do to study physics

  1. Jul 31, 2014 #1
    I have a n intense passion is stydying about relativity theories and about recent discoveries about GOD particles and others. I have completed GCE A levels from NEPAL (above INDIA) in phy, chem and maths.
    My family had a total financial turn down and i can't afford a quality physics education. I joinde classes in public NEPALESE college with tution fees about 1 dollar per month. here they teach no physics at all. we have to only mug up definitions, there is no research. Besides, the theory taught is extremely mediocre. the degree has no value in international arena.

    I therefore quit the college. i just reseach about relativity theories in the internet.Is there any way i can show my talents so that i can get funded to study. if not , then is there any way i can acquire simple training to get to experiments about god particles, and quantum theory, OR can is there any space i can show i have good capacity work under small scientists .. plzz help
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    Vanadium 50

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    The answer is "not really". You are better off staying in school.
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    If you want to be self-educated in physics via the internet here is your tool…

    Gerard 't Hooft's How to become a GOOD Theoretical Physicist:

    If you can finish the curriculum as outlined, it will not lead to funding, it will not earn you respect in the physics community. But you will be better off than if you do nothing. It might be (and most probably is) a fool's errand. But it's there.

    You are most likely better off figuring out how to get into a school worth going to. Maybe you'll have to work for 10 years in an unrelated field and save every penny until you can afford the education you desire. Maybe you can seek finical assistance elsewhere. It's good that you have the itch to learn and better yourself. It's not easy, but don't ever let it go.

    Also—don't call the Higgs a GOD particle. I would never use the term GOD particle around physicists (or anyone really) if you want them to take you seriously.
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    Sometimes private companies will give financial assistance if you pledge to work there as a graduate. So you need look at companies in Nepal that have those schemes and apply for one of them.
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