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What can I do with a degree in Agricultural Economics?

  1. Nov 16, 2012 #1
    UC Davis offers B.S in Managerial Economics, one of the options being agricultural Economics. I've read in articles that this is one of the most employable degrees right now. Is that true? And what do you think are the employment prospects with this degree within the next decade or two?

    I'm more interested in science than Business. I am really socially awkward and i know that I will not make it in the Business field. However, I have always been bad at math, and I don't think I will make it in Engineering ( my other choice would be BME). And I missed up my GPA wayyy too much to get into grad school or whatever. Plus, I don't think I will make it in grad school, anyway.

    So what jobs are available as an Agricultural Econ major? There's a lot of math in that degree but no where as hardcore as Engineering. I'm kind of smart sometimes but dumb sometimes too. I think that if i tried, i can probably pull a near 4.0 in Agricultural Econ. Can't say the same for Engineering, though.
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