What can not be automated?

  1. wolram

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    That says it all, i can not think of any thing.
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  3. Plugging the automaton in.
  4. russ_watters

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    Posting on PF.
  5. wolram

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    That could be done by a robot.
  6. I believe in the industry, it would be poor management and fear among workers that they would lose their jobs.
  7. turbo

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    It might be tough to automate creative endeavors. Painting, writing, music composition...
  8. Pengwuino

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    From my years of watching How It's Made, my answer is: random manufacturing processes that I can't figure out why they can't be automated.
  9. drizzle

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    Deh mind!
  10. wolram

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    The only thing i could think of is reproduction, but i guess there are ways to even do that.
  11. disregardthat

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    How can designing be automated? Such as designing houses, cars and such which requires an intuition of human aesthetics.
  12. Well, if you agree that it would be eventually possible to create a completely synthetic brain, then obviously everything that can be done by humans could be automated.

    The only exceptions are trivial things such as "creating the first automated thing".
  13. disregardthat

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    Is a synthetic brain automation? If designing is not to require aesthetic emotions, then we need to create a rational model for human aesthetics. But our aesthetic intuition is at least partially determined by world experience, and that requires the ability to be pleasured emotionally and physically, appreciate art etc.. If this model cannot be created, the synthetic brain would perhaps be similar to a human one, but that is not automation.
  14. Yeah, was thinking about that when I wrote it. I suppose it at least covers all the creativity etc. though, in a way, it is not automating any specific tasks (unless you can replicate the brain to be in the state ready to do the task which you wanted it to do). It all probably depends on your definitions (and I feel my definitions are probably a bit confused).
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