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What can the software Mathematica do?

  1. May 18, 2004 #1
    I am thinking of solving a nonlinear equation, namely, Gross Pitaevskii equation that applied in Bose Einstein Condensates. Can I solve the equation with Mathematica? Could someone give me some clues?
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    i think you can get at least a numerical calculation, but here is what we can do, post the equation, ill run it and see what the software can actually do :wink:
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    I am also interested in solving the Gross-Pitaevskii-Equation. I spend my weekend to get a solution with mathematica without success. There are a couple of Phys. Rev. A.s wich treating the problem of numerical solution of the GPE or other non lineary time-(in)dependent Schrödinger-Equations, however it would be much nicer if Mathematica can do such things and I don't have to learn how to write an effective Runge-Kutta.

    btw. the time-independent GPE is:

    -\hbar^2/(2m) \nabla^2 \psi(x,y,z) + V + g|\Psi(x,y,z)|^2 \Psi(x,y,z) = \mu \Psi(x,y,z)

    wherby V = m/2(\omega_x^2 x^2 + \omega_y^2 y^2 + \omega_z^2 z^2)

    An other question comming up when I tried getting a solution is: Is it possible to use NDSolve with an other function name than y[x], for example :Psi:[x]? Is it theoretically possible to solve more dimensional (i.e. 3, f[x,y,z]) diff. eq. with NDSolve, which is needed to solve the GPE seriously?
  5. Nov 12, 2011 #4
    hi i f u get any way for writting this equation on mathmatica 5 plz help me i will appreciate plz help me i have to do this for my thesies plz help me if u get any sucsses to solve thank u vase moeini from iran
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