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What can this Inverter Power?

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    The guy uses the inverter to power a light bulb, would the 5vDC to 100vAC be able to power a television, or other electronic devices that require about 110v to 125v.
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    that florescent lamp shown would be rated <5W. so current drawn from 5V would be <1A. i doubt that inverter can light that bulb for continuous 8 Hours.

    if you want to power higher loads say 25W (for ~20" lcd tv) power input at 5V level should be >5A. such heavy currents would certainly burn the inverter chip used in seconds. there should be always energy losses in inverter, the heat generated should be dissipated effectively to avoid temperature rise . inverter chip would be of bigger size with heat dissipation capabilities for higher load.
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    I tend to keep the more negative opinions to myself, but this guy's example doesn't ring true. He's operating a solar panel from just the light in the room. The panel is small, and looking at it, it doesn't look to be a high efficeincy type.
    Altogether, I don't think there's any way he could get a single Watt out of that setup and yet he has a lamp glowing brightly? I don't think so...
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    Yeah, I'm not buying it either.
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    I played it again. He actually says he has two batteries in the solar panel box giving 8 volts which he regulates to 5 volts.

    So, it would work away from the sun if the batteries were already charged, which he says they are.

    But, yes, it is a low powered device just giving a few watts out at most. And certainly not at 60 Hz.

    BTW does anyone know what voltage those white lights in scanners work on? Seems like a nice light for pathways or even portrait photography.
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    hey guy
    just need enough power
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