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What can you do with a PhD?

  1. Feb 4, 2009 #1
    I am thinking of taking a PhD, but I was wondering if that would really narrow my careers. Would it be possible to say for example to go into Engineering with a PhD, or is Physics the only thing you can succesfully take?
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    Hi LogosennHeudh,

    You may want to clarify a few things in your question because it reads like you're assuming anyone can just sign up for a PhD course. Normally you pick the subject of interest first, do an undergraduate degree, and then pursue a Ph.D. in that subject.

    If you're asking about whether or not someone would be qualified for a professional engineering position with a Ph.D. in physics, the answer is generally (but not explicitly) no.
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    and re-reading my question I can hear how it could be amusing!
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