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What can you do with a physics degree (BS) with a concentration in medical physics?

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    Are there really any jobs that you can get doing medical physics with only a bachelors in physics with a concentration in medical physics?

    Maybe like a technician/assistant to a medical physicist...

    I will be going to grad school for medical physics eventually after I get my bachelors, but it may be a year or two...
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    Try Monster.com. You shouldn't have any trouble, it's a very hot field right now. A grad student I worked with during an internship of mine wound up leaving grad school for a very well-paying medphysics job. Take your resume to a nearby hospital and your chances are good.
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    It will put you in a good position for getting into a CAMPEP accredited medical physics gradute or residency program. Current requirements to take the American Board of Radiology and/or American College of Medical Physics certification exams require at least a Master's degree, so I strongly encourage you to continue on. There is definitely a demand for qualified medical physicists, so if that's where your interests are, pick a field (diagnostic, nuclear medicine, therapy) and go for it. You can find a list of CAMPEP accredited programs here and non-accredited programs http://www.aapm.org/educ/campepnolst.html [Broken].

    There are a few medical physics technician positions out there (not many) for bachelor's level people, but most offer little room for advancement (besides, the people in charge of you will probably push you towards doing a Master's or PhD anyway).
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