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What class should I take?

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    OK, I'm gonna pick my class for high school in a few days. I wondering if I want to be a robotics engineer what classes should I take ? Also, what type of robotics engineer is there?
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    There is no field called robotics engineering, and different schools run their robotics research out of different departments, usually either mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science. Computer engineering is also a field worth looking into if you're into robotics.

    At the high school level? Take the courses you'll need to take for any engineering major, so take the hardest math and physics courses you can do well in. If you're in the states, get involved in FIRST robotics.
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    Ok if I want to be a mechanical engineer. What math should I take through Freshmen to Senior year?
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    Take whatever route will get you into BC calculus (if you're in the states) or its equivalent at your high school. Even better if you can also take some multi-variable too, but if it doesn't count for college credit it may not make a difference. Statistics may be worth your time 'cause it's worth knowing and you may not cover it in college. If you give your location, it may be easier to advise you.
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    I live in Sacramento,C.A.
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