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Other What courses for physics master with CSE bachelor's?

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    so I actually wanted to study physics but because of some problem I basically dropped out. I just couldn't handle the workload at the time. So I took a semester off and sorted my **** out. Now, I can't really study physics anymore here, so I started a CSE bachelor. See: http://www.rw.ethz.ch/the-programme/bachelor.html [some information is only available in German]

    Anyway, while studying you focus on a specific topic like biology, financing, big data, statistics or physics. You can even choose stuff like atmosphere physics if you want. I know that I could for sure go into quantum information theory or theoretical astro physics and such - at least, in the CSE master.

    But I'd like to do a bit more of the physics stuff. I'd like to have the options to be more of a "normal" physicist than just a pure computational physicist. I know that I'll lack the whole experimental stuff (at least at my university you do a lot of experiments) but I didn't really like the first such course I did too much. So I'm quit fine if it stays theoretical.

    Anyway, I'd like to be able to apply for a physics master, for that, I'd like to take extra courses (even ones which don't give points) - like one course each year or each semester. The question is, what should I take?

    I really liekd the whole relativity, electrodynamics stuff and I'd also like to dive into plasmaphysics (although there isn't a course which heavily focuses on this). I'm also wondering if I should take some additional math courses.

    If anyone has an opinion on it, I'm pleased to hear it. :) Any suggestions are welcome.
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