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What courses to study?

  1. Oct 8, 2014 #1
    I want to learn computer science on my own and I heard that the typical major courses for CS are:

    Artificial Intelligence
    Computer System Organization
    Data Structures and algorithms
    Digital system design
    Introduction to program design
    Mathematics for Computer Science
    Software engineering
    The theory of formal languages

    I have no CS background at all but I currently study Differential Equations on my own and I can handle it pretty well. So what computer science should I learn first? My goal is to invent/build something in the field of computer science that can make lots of money.
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    You say that you are studying DE on your own, and "can handle it pretty well." By what measure can you "handle it pretty well?" That is a pretty confident statement, but you might want to be sure about that. Have you compared your ability to that of those who study it formally by means of any tests, etc.?

    I suggest you may need to verify your confidence before embarking on an entire CS program as independent study.
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    Some of those are pretty vague names so I can't tell what the course covers right off the bat. Maybe it will be better if you can provide a part of the syllabus for those courses.

    However, I think you should probably start with Mathematics for Computer Science (unless you have covered quite a bit of discrete math already) and you can probably take Software Engineering and Introduction to Program Design concurrently (if I'm right in thinking that those are 2 introductory programming courses). You can probably take the Algorithms and Data Structures course as well, but it depends on the requirements. If it has the discrete math course or knowledge of some programming language as a prerequisite, you probably won't be able to take it yet.
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