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What creative thing have you come up with around your home?

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    I assume people on this forum are full of great ideas having mathematical minds.

    I use a 60w incandescent worklamp as a heater in winter. Like if im all rugged up but a certain part of my body is cold like my ankles or hands. I use it once an hour to warm up my hands or ankles. Sometimes the central heating can be too hot and it's a pain to change clothes. I grab it and turn it on straight away when I get up in the morning. It's much safer than a space heater imo.

    I piled about 12 eva type garden kneeling mats on top of eacthoer on my computer desk. It's actually really stable to increase the monitor height by nine inches.

    My computer desk comprises a small heavy three drawer, a metal box and then 12 eva garden mats on top of that. It is really stable. I have a separate platfor altogether for my keyboard and mouse. I bought a foldable table. I cut 4 inches off the front of it with a hacksaw and put duct tape on it. This means I can sit about one foot from the screen and my computer glasses work best at close as possible range.

    The original problem I had was I had the lcd monitor with a flat base and my keyboard on a standard desk.

    Every time I types my screen would shake so i needed a separate platform for the monitor and keyboard. The box sits on the floor.

    So the top of my lcd screen sits about five feet off the ground.

    I got this really good Balans kneeling chair that is very high which is why I needed the computer screen to be so high. Id end up with a straight back but my neck would lean forward to look down at the computer screen.
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