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What did Buddha look like

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    When someone says Buddha, do you visualize a Chinese-looking person or an Indian-person (that he was)? I find it rather amusing that when you look at the earliest statues of Buddha, he has normal eyes (not Chinese eyes) and looks like an Indian, but as you go forward in time, the statue transforms into a Chinese looking person. I want Siddharta Gautama back looking like the hot Indian guy he was :cry: just kidding about the hot part.. Can this even be changed? I mean to revert people from thinking of China or something when someone mentions Siddharta Gautamaback to India? I know that the majority of the people who practice Siddharta Gautamaism :wink: are of Oriental background.. But still i want buddha back to his home.. :frown:
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    You again !.. with your India is the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD threads !
    I don't mind them, they are kind of funny so go ahead :zzz: :zzz: :zzz:
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    I thought the idea was to transcend the need for visualizations because they are all illusions!?!

    If you meet the Buddha on the path, KILL HIM! :rofl:

    Hey, I always got a kick out of Keanau Reeves playing Siddartha in 'The Little Buddha'! That was just too hilarious!:rofl:
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    klusener didn't start the last one called "Facts about India," he just made some fairly objective remarks in it, I thought. Some dude named "Biology" started it. :rolleyes:

    We have both versions of the Buddha figure in our house. :biggrin: The Indian guy is slim, has a slightly pointed "hat" or head-dress anyways, and looks serene. The chinese looking one is fat, bald, and is smiling, yet somehow manages to look serene as well. Both are sitting cross-legged in meditation. The latter is green, and looks sort of like jade (but I don't think so). I'm not sure where my mom got either figurine. We are of "Indian descent", by the way, but are not buddhist.
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    I always thought of Buddha as from India, but I think I know what cepheid is talking about with the fat Chinese Buddha.
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    It's the same process as making Jesus look European.

    As religions spread into other cultures outside of their original culture, the other cultures adapt the history and tradition to the local customs.

    Buddha would dismiss statues of Buddha.

    Read Dhammapada, follow the path, and do not worry about statues or idols.
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    I have a Buddha in my front garden (not sure which one, indian, round face), which is very unusual as I live in Brasil which is mostly catholic. It took me months to find it. Here, the norm is a small shrine in the likeness of Mary, so we are thought of as mad by our neighbours.
    I'm not a buddhist (don't like labels), but I have it as I believe in what it stands for.
    It is our protector and gives us our karma. Nothing more to say.
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    There is a pattern in the different appearances of the buddhas.

    In oriental countries, such as China, Korea, and Japan, they tend to have chinese oriented temples with (most of the time) Golden buddhas. The buddhas themselves, look quite chubby with guardians on the side walls of the temple (pretty nasty looking). Also as you mentioned before, they have oriental shaped eyes.

    Now lets go to countries in south asia, i.e. thailand (although i dont know if india follows this trend) and the buddhas tend to be much skinnier, with from what i recall, longer ears. Also, i dont think they build as much 'private' temples of buddha i.e. most of the buddha statues are made of stone and are quite giant.
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    But wait a minute we are all buddhas according to his teaching, so I guess that's why they make different statues like that. But what I have trouble telling people is you can still be some other religion and still practice Buddhism, because Buddhism is not a classified sect or something like that (even though it is made out to be), it is a state of mind and the journey to that state of mind (enlightenment) is the objective of Buddhism (all religions basically, but without worshipping a physical higher figure like Jesus or Krishna, etc..) But people refuse to believe that you can be a Muslim and still practice Buddhism and be a Christian and practice Buddhism...
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    Ice cream is ice cream, but it comes in many flavors, and some have a preference for a particular flavor.

    There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but some maintain that only one is the correct path.

    To each, one's own.

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    I don't know why, but after saying OM for a while, I feel refreshed.. of course, you have to put some meditative thoughts in with it, but still it is an amazing word/sound...
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    i reckon jesus looks more american than european.
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    I thought both americans and europeans looked the same ... http://cafe18.uni.cc/images/smilies/dance.gif
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