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What distribution is this

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    So l generated a 100 000 data sets in Matlab each consisting of 80 random poisson distributed numbers. I then calculated the p-values for each data set and stored them into a vector which l used to make this histogram. I was wondering, what distribution is shown by this histogram

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    Hey Nyasha.

    Can you outline what algorithm or transformation of the 80 Poisson distributed simulator calculated results you did?
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    Just curious: what type of general techniques there are to recognize the distribution

    of data? I know there are ways of comparing against a normal,but not of a way of

    deciding the general distribution of some data. And yes, I know there are

    goodness-of-fit tests, but this is more an after-the-fact approach.
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    Stephen Tashi

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    if Nyasha can calculate a "p-value" then obviously he must have assumed some specific probability distribution for some statistic. If his assumption is correct, the empirical distribution he had should approximate a "probability of a probability". For example if a random variable X is normally distributed then one may define another random variable Y as: Y = the probability of the value of X that was observed.
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