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What do departments look for in faculty?

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    what do departments look for when hiring & promoting?

    somit/tannenhaus did a survey of political scientists (& no other members of the academic community) back in the 1960s to find out what they considered to be the 10 things that determine a person's succes in that area. they put it like this:
    here are the results of their survey, in order of importance (remember, political science in the 1960s):
    1. volume of publication
    2. school at which doctorate was taken
    3. having the right connections
    4. ability to get research support
    5. quality of publication
    6. textbook authorship
    7. luck or chance
    8. school of first-time appointment
    9. self-promotion
    10. teaching ability

    the next paragraph after that list they ask whether or not the results can be generalized to the rest of the academic community. in other words, are the political scientists' views influenced by their professional concern. the authors say that the three basic themes in the list are that quantityof publication trumps quality; personal and institutional connections play a major role in whether somene gets ahead, and that teaching has virtually no bearing on advancement. imho those results can be generalised to other subjects since there doesn't seem to be anything specific to political science. anyway i wonder what everyone has to say about the list above. i'm 100% sure that many things have changed (& for the better also btw). i had a computer science prof who said the salary breakdown in his dept was 40% research, 40% teaching, 20% admin in other words a professors' teaching ability directly affected their salaries, so teaching ability would be much higher on the list i think, but i'm not sure exactly how much. i noticed an associate prof in my old math dept got promoted to prof a year or two ago & probably not coincidentally he has been the chairperson for the last few years and also had a phd student get a position at a university (maybe it would have been sufficient to just supervise a phd student). & how do promotions like that happen in a department anyway. is it made clear to the person what they have to do to deserve it or is it something they have to figure out somehow. & how to departments work in general. anyway i wonder what everyone's thoughts are, on the list above or anything else i mentioned.
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