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Homework Help: What do errors represent?

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    I am writing a lab report on Newton's second law.....:) I got some errors while calculating the slope (mass).

    What factors could bring out those errors? and How can they be imporved?

    I don understand what i m suppose to approach....If anybody cud help me with that...thanks
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    Andy Resnick

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    Without knowing any details of the experiment- without knowing what you measured- it's tough to say where the sources of error are.

    John Taylor's book "An Introduction to error analysis" is a must-read, but to distill down some formulas: I'm new to the latex stuff, so let's hope I get the formulas correct....

    if q = Bx, and B is known exactly, then [tex]\delta q = B \delta x[/tex]
    if q = q(x), then [tex]\deltaq=|dq/dx|\delta x[/tex]

    I'll stop there and see if my typesetting is ok.
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