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What do the light cones mean?

  1. Aug 22, 2004 #1
    From what I have come to understand Einstiens founding inspiration for relativity was described with the use of "light Cones".

    The link below shows a single web page that has an extract displayed on Einstien Minkowski Spacetime, and the very premise of relativity and it's theory of the nature of light and time.


    I was wondering if we really understand the full implications of this inspiration.

    In the interests of better understanding I was wondering if others would care to discuss this inspiration.

    How this inspiration can show time dilation, rate of universal change, and that light velocity is invariant to all observers.

    As you probably have gathered I have a particular idea that may prove radical but I would rather the discussion occur first before puting my fnal purpose forward.

    In other words I wish eventually to see if the line of logic I followed leads to the same conclusion with out puting that conclusion forward at the outset.

    May be also someone else has interesting conclusions to draw from this inspiration shown as "Light Cones"
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