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What do they mean by plot T^2 verus ms?

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    If you were to plot T^2 versus ms using the equation T^2= (4pie^2/k)(ms +mw) how would you calculate the value for mw?

    can someone please help me? What do they mean by plot T^2 verus ms?
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    what are ms, mw, and k

    so say plot T^2 vs ms means you plot T^2 on the Y (vertical) axis and ms on the X (horizontal) axis
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    James R

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    x = ms
    y = T^2
    m = 4 pi e^2/k
    c = 4 pi e^2 mw/k

    Then the given equation is

    y = mx + c

    This is the equation of a straight line with gradient m and y intercept c.

    So, to find mw, you look at the value of c on your graph and then rearrange the expression for c to calculate mw.
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