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What do think about this philosophy?

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    All ideas have a cause. The cause must either be inside me (mankind), or something else. Infinity and perfection are not within me(mankind), so the idea of an infinite and perfect God must have come from something outside me(mankind), so God must exist.

    I don't want to make another post about this but Can evil be created? or is evil is just the absence of peace?

    Note that you can have light in a jar but you can't have dark in a jar.
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    How far can we really conceive of infinity? Our minds are recursive, which means the space of states from which they can assume instances is potentially infinite, but any one brain can only hold a finite number of such instantiations. I think our best concept of infinity is only "...and so on...". The modern Transfinite cardinals" are transparently just an algebra with certain stated, but not truly comprehended, properties.

    All of this tends to deny the premise of your syllogism.
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    We can cognize things that we cannot represent or realize in practice. Just because "infinity" or "perfection" are things we cannot *make real* doesn't mean the ideas for those things must come from an external source other than our minds.

    We can cognize of faster than light travel, but we know we cannot realize it. Where does the concept of FTL come from, god ?
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    I believe that anything within the grasps of human imagination, is within grasps of human knowledge. There is "God" the universe, and the greater God.. the initator of all that is. If we were born from this energy of all that is... yes, there has to be some communication going on. Just try. Keep trying... untill the thought comes into fruition. Does thought make action or does action make thought? The chicken or the egg? :) The brain must spark electricity for thought to process... yet is it the process of that pre-manifested thought that sparks the action of electricity? So what's the underlying most important factor of our existence... thought or action? Will we ever come to recognize that they are one and the same whenever we would want them to be?
    Peace and love,
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    Blindness and wave collapse

    Can blind people collapse the wave function or is the wave collapse restricted to the sense of sight? Can other senses such as smell, taste, hearing and feeling collapse the wave function? Does the wave function only collapse on the surface of an object?
    THanks RAD
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    Infinity and perfection is not the same as the idea of infinity and perfection.
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