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What do u guyz do when this happens?

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    Hey.. this a really stupid thing to ask. but what the fastest way to get rid of a zit (pimple).?? It totally depresses me when I get one and its always a day before something really big.
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    Just pop it. I very rarely get zits, so when I do occasionally, I just pop them.
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    Oh, you lucky dog!! How come I couldn't have some of your genes for that? I've had zits since I was 13 which was almost seven years ago and I'm still fighting those things off.
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    Yeah, one of my good buddies get zits all the time and was even prescribed Accutane for a part of his life. I've heard rumors that caffenated drinks help stimulate blackheads and zits, so you may want to cut those out of your diet if you currently drink a lot of them. Because I never drink caffenated drinks except for sweet tea (I'm from the deep south). The rest of my hick family is the same way and none of them drink caffenated drinks other than sweet tea.
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    as pretty as you are, moo, trust me - no one notices if you have a blemish!
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    In the past few months I've been cutting out drinking soda. However, I love drinking sweet tea. I drink at least half a gallon a day. I do know that my skin can get very oily. I think that really has something to do with it.
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