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What do u need to learn topology?

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    wat do u need to learn topology?
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    time............. :-))
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    Familiarity with analysis, and some algebra would help too...
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    matt grime

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    what do you need to learn anything?

    in this case you need to be not scared when I say the following:

    If X is a set, then a topology on X is a collection of subsets T in P(X) (the power set) satisfying the following axioms:

    X is in T, the empty set is in T, the union of arbitrarily many elements of T is an element of T, and the finite intersection of elements of T is an element of T.

    That is exactly what a topology of open sets on X is.

    Examples: the trivial topology: T is the empty set and X alone

    The cofinite topology, T contains the empty set, X and precisely those subsets of X whose complements are finite.

    If X is a metric space then the open sets in the metric are a topology.

    If any or all of that is too daunting then learn some more set theory and analysis
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    Basic set theory and algebra -- that's about it. Depending on how the course is taught, other stuff will definitely be handy, but not actually essential. That said, a lot of topology will make more sense if you have exposure to concepts from analysis.
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