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What do Universities look for?

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    I was wondering, especially for those that got into top tier universities, what universities are looking for in prospective undergraduates who want to study physics.

    Is it good grades for math and physics in particular? Or good grades all around? Or perhaps grades are only a small part of it?

    I'm currently studying in Singapore under the a-level system, and am planning to apply to the University of Toronto's physics undergrad program.

    Is there, perchance, anyone from UoT here?
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    I did not go to Toronto, do they make you declare your major or intent to pursue a specific degree before you even get there?

    Generally speaking good grades are always going to help no matter where you apply. For the Ivies they'll want to see steady involvement in extracurriculars, some academic awards, and the semi-intangible "well-roundedness."

    Oh, you should probably also do really well on your standardized tests.
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    Just how flexible are they? For example, I have excellent grades in a diploma form a post-secondary tertiery institution (a polytechnic) in electronic engineering.
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