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News What do you all think about this (US Aid to nations that harbor terrorists)

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    I am doing a research paper for english about the war in Iraq, and I found this little interesting thing on the house.gov website

    http://www.house.gov/burton/RSC/USAidTerroristNs1.PDF [Broken]

    I did not know the government gave money to these countries. I guess the only good thing is the 0 marks that are proposed for the following year in some of the countries. Still I think we should be giving them nothing :tongue2:
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    I don't have a problem with the aid if it is not filtered through the despotic governments, French banks and the UN.
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    I'm a little torn regarding our aid to N Korea: there is an enormous starvation rate there, but that starvation is a direct result of the government's oppression. Give Il another 5 years and he'll be a better Stalin than Stalin was (if you go by percentages, he's already far surpassed Stalin). Giving aid to N. Korea probably saves a few lives in the short term, but it probably also helps perpetuate the government that is killing all those people.
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    So... aiding the "bad guys" is fine, but if the French have anything to do with it, it suddenly becomes wrong?
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    Starving people aren't bad guys. He said he didn't want it filtered through the governments because it is the governments that are bad.
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    shoulda put bad guys in quotes, I was refering to North Korea and such.
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    His point was that as long as the aid is being used to help the populace, and not pad the government coffers, he's fine with it. Most North Koreans are not "bad guys," it's just that their dictator is.
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