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What Do You Guys Think Of This?

  1. Dec 17, 2005 #1
    It is possible that the "big bang," should it ever have occurred, was actually a bubble from a greater dimension, pinched off.

    It has been postulated that as matter is gathered into a black hole, it condenses and forms what could be equated to a water droplet in space-time. When that drop becomes big enough, it tears off and becomes its own entity.
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    I haven't read enough about it, or cosmology in general, to have an opinion. It's quite neat, in a freaky sort of way.
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    I dont know much about this either but I believe the model of the universe is a hypersphere where the singularity point of the black holes extends to the center of the universe, making it impossible to just break off and start another universe.
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    I personally really like the multiple universe theory
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    Possibly, but we're getting into the realm of speculation, although there are some interesting mathematical attempts to explore that question.
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    I think we have a lot of work left to explain what has happened within our hubble bubble before worrying about what might have happened on the outside [assuming there is an 'outside']. It's still a non-starter for me.
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    I agree with this in principle. Speculation must be the operating term for this given the quality of our knowledge of these things, nevertheless, learning must begin somewhere and exploration often leads to useful knowledge.
    I’ve recently wondered if time is frozen in a singularity and if so perhaps a big bang is the ‘life’ history of a black holes acquisition of matter and energy. Go ahead, laugh if you wish, but if you have some knowlege about this please share.
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