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What do you know about hypnosis?

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    For christmas, my wife offered a collective gift to my niece, my nephew, and myself: a ticket for a famous hypnosis show we desperatly wanted to see. The show in itself was absolutely incredible, fantastic. At the end, the artist, who knows that the public is split between absolute wonder and distrust, decides to involve the huuuuge audience in an attempt of collective fascination. We all follow his instructions, but no effect on us (sighs), except for my niece who feels a little sleepy (and bored) but that's all. The test goes on, a sizeable portion of the room is completely spellbound, but we feel a little bit disappointed. Until my wife tells me that my niece has fallen asleep on her shoulder. Okay, she is 16, it's not the first time nor the last time she will have inappropriate behavior. At this moment, the artist commands to people that are under his influence to rise up and to start dancing and playing 'heavy metal' music. And what happens ? I see my niece, who is the most private and shy person on earth, lonely standing up before this huge audience, starting to wave a fictitious guitar in every direction, wildly shaking her head like the craziest hard rock fan, and playing guitar as if she was James Hetfield himself. I can't recover from this event, convinced once and for all of the reality of what is called hypnosis. But I keep wandering ' What is it exactly that I have witnessed ? '

    So, what do you know about it, what happened ?
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    There are two or three major theories.

    I'm curious if you asked your niece what she experienced.
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    Yes I asked, she said she knew what she was doing but that she could not resist from doing it. But the first thing we noticed is that she had difficulties 'waking up'. She was very tired after it.
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    I was referred to a hypnotherapist last year, from a gastroenterologist at the hospital as a treatment of my severe nausea. The DHB kindly paid for 4 sessions at $120 each session. When I saw him for the first time, he decided to tackle my anxiety (which would cause the nausea).

    The hypnosis he used was not what is usually seen on TV. I did feel much better after sessions 2 - 4. You can find out what he does in this video
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    It's interesting, but what is exactly that 'force' that can force a ~50 years old man, overweight furthermore, to act like a kangaroo eating fictitious peanuts thrown at him for 15 minutes ? Have you ever tried to jump for 15 minutes ? It's hard ! Do you know how it works ?
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    Here is an explanation from the Mayo Clinic. Any other claims, such as what you describe, are too speculative for the forum.

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