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What do you know about math?

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    hilarious and clever

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    I saw this a while ago, thought it was pretty amusing. One of my friends emailed it me, asking if its what all us maths students get upto in our free time... :rolleyes:
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    I only ended up laughing at the teacher's comment at the end :-p :biggrin:
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    haha... "can't even integrate" :rofl:

    Actually, the ti-83s (or whatever) are the most geek-ish think in the whole video. Imagine wearing one of these round your neck all the time. Perhaps even showing up on a date with it. :tongue:
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    I thought wearing the ti-s around the neck was funny, but I felt the song was really lacking; It was far too short, and it seemed most of it was the chorus.
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    It was funny. One of my room mates was a rapper; I remember he listened to the song this one parodys a couple times, it's catchy, but this one's lyrics are much better.
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    I really like that one ^ !

    The what do you know about math one is awesome too.
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