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What do you prefer?

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    Is it better to be interested in women who speak the same language as you(russian), or those who speak the language that you use at work(english)? How would you compare swedish-american with real swedish women?
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    I would say that it really doesn't matter what language you and a woman of interest speak. It just depends if you want to be able to speak russian to her or not. I am not much help with the swedish-american question I have never met one.
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    The one that is better looking.
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    I am guessing the swedish one? Europeans have natural beauty
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    Math Is Hard

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    I prefer guys. And I like Swedish-American guys better than Swedish-Swedish guys.:approve:
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    Really? Do sweedish-american guys stil have a sweedish acent?
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    My bum is on the sweedish.
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    нет, красивие русские женщины.
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    aye? what that mean?
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    I can not understand any of them so it makes no difference.
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    hey matt, are you russian or is that the only russian phrase that you know? well, in case you are russian, i can tell you that there are beautiful italian or swedish women also. for me personally, i think swedish women are the hottest. but assume, you could get equally beautiful women and one of them speaks your native language, while another one speaks a language in which you're supposed to be fluent. obviously they come from different cultures. So which one is best for you in terms of culture,etc?

    To others: hyphenated-american means that the woman is of pure ancestry of that country. for example 2nd or 3rd generation but speaks only english. she might still retain some culture but for all intents and purposes she is american.

    as an aside: Donald Trump seems to marry east european women. There have been a few other famous americans who married foreign women, that is east european, swedish, french, etc. Obviously they could find models in usa just as well... And the foreign women that they marry could communicate with them fluently eventually. But they're still foreign to them. Just like non-russian women would be foreign to me. Should i be attracted to that, or should it be a turn off?
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    Why is that? You realize that Swedish-swedish guys can speak english almost fluently? Is it because the guys who reside in sweden are actually poor yet at the same time have access to all the hot swedish babes, while the guys in usa are rich but dont have as many women to choose from? Or is it in fact because you like someone who is closer to you in culture? I for one feel that someone of the same culture as me is harder to fool or to humour or otherwise impress, etc.
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    Hey, we are rich here too!
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    One should be interested in the person, regardless of language. Or is one asking if one should be more interested in a person of the opposite gender from the same culture or different culture. It depends upon the person, and the qualities one finds important.
  16. Oct 17, 2006 #15
    нет, я американец. I am taking an introductory Russian Language class, so my Russian is very limited.

    So both of these women have the same personality, intelligence, etc and their only difference is culture? I find that a little hard to believe, just pick one and go for it. If things don't work out, date the other. Or are you supposed to pick only one, and that decision is final?
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