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What do you say to someone?

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    There is this beautiful young lady who works at a grocery store where I frequent. I ALWAYS see her there, and she always seems to go out of her way to say hello to me and occasionally we exchange some simple small talk in a sort of awkward fashion, smile and head our seperate ways. I don't know her name. In all honestly, I've just never thought to look, and I am sure it's pinned right there on her blouse.

    Anyway, my dilemma is that; I don't know what to say to her at all. I know nothing about her. We have only ever talked for brief moments about petty things like the weather, or I'll make a joke about whatever product she's stocking. I'm uncomfortable asking her out on a date or something in an atmosphere such as this. In a bar or nightclub it's no problem. Heck, most everyone is there specifically to socialize and meet new people. But in a grocery store? I feel like some creepy guy trying to pick up girls in a grocery store! (Well, I guess I am technically! :rofl:)

    Evo, et al., help me!
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    Charming more than quarks I see ;) Just don't think of yourself as a creepy guy under any circumstances and ask her if she'd like to go with you for coffee one day. Don't explain why you are asking her unless she asks why and just let things flow in their natural beautiful and awkward way :D And of course if she says yes suggest a date in the near future--preferably "tomorrow" and then work around her schedule from there if she has any conflicts.
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    Ask her if she's almost at the end of her shift, no matter whether it's yes/no express that you'd like to have some coffee sometime.
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    Didn't you watch the Seinfeld episode where Jerry picks up a girl at a grocery store and George asks him "at a grocery store!?" and he explains why it's the perfect place with the lemons and the squeezing and the touching...dude it's the perfect place to do it lol.
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    I don't want to be the pessimist guy here, but you also have to think about the (frequently happening) possibility of she's being naturally nice to people, except when she waits for you to show your interest in her to dump your hopes dosn the hill. That happens.
    But either way, if you are interested in her just tell her that you'd like to know her beyond that grocery store atmosphere, with a glass of wine in a more fancy place.
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    Then you have a great deal to talk about by way of discovering things about her. What are those things?

    First things first though; an introduction not an interrogation is required. Often a comment on what you imagine is likely to be a common experience on the spot will do, and that makes a statement that you are aware of more than your own needs and existence (hopefully). You may immediately find she does not agree with what you imagine about her. That's ok.

    Mel seems to have the knack
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    Ask her her name.

    When I worked at a grocery store during high school, I asked out one of the cashiers. We had a nice date. One never knows when or where an opportunity arises. So ask her out, if one is inclined, or at least ask her for some more substantive information, e.g., is she attending university, or whatever.
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    A side effect of nice people having to reject someone unfortunately.
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