What do you see?

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    I personally see it going counter clockwise which means I have absolutely no imagination and am left brained and this might explain how I can only draw by technically photocopying a picture into my brain and then producing that on paper as an enlarged or reduced size picture with a pencil but have absolutely no capability to "create" a cartoon or person picture on my own.

    They say you can go and reverse the way the person is spinning but it's just not feasible to my brain.

    so..what do you see?

    help in determining what you are seeing below:
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  3. wolram

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    That is weird, i was sat here thinking it is going anti clockwise how can anyone see it differently, when it started to go clockwise for a few seconds then reverted to anti clock wise.
    I have to go to the doctors tomorrow anyway.
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    I can see it go both ways. Just keep looking at it, and you'll see it switch directions
  5. Oh good, glad I wasent the only one one seeing it fo both ways. The switch sort of startled me.
  6. wolram

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  7. cant see how anyone could see it going clockwise, its clearly anti clockwise :confused:
  8. lisab

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    Clockwise...I can't see it any other way.

    But my connection must be poor, since she keeps pausing for a second or two.

    Update: I just looked again, but not directly at her...and she switched directions for a few seconds! How bizzarre!
  9. Kurdt

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    I can see both.
  10. I can see both but in reality - this is bollocks.

    It IS actually clockwise if your brain takes into account all the detail - specifically, the shadow. It's impossible for the shadow to act like that if she's spinning anti-clockwise regardless of the light source.

    The image isn't spinning but doing a weird sort of flip.
  11. Danger

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    It didn't reverse while I was looking at it, but every time I looked away for a few seconds it changed. I'm ambidextrous, though, so I don't have a hemisphere dominance.
  12. I saw big boobies. (going clockwise).
  13. I see a beautiful woman dancing. She smiles as she beckons me to unimaginable pleasures. I reach out ... wait here comes my wife. I see a shadow sometimes turning clockwise, sometime anticlockwise. Has the old bat left yet?
  14. didn't someone post this thing before?

    anyway, I can make it go either way as I choose. I'm left handed; I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
  15. Gokul43201

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    Good point! The shadow breaks the degeneracy. I can only picture her going clockwise (looking from above), but absent the shadow, I know that she can be just as easily pictured going counter-clockwise. Still, after a minute or so of trying (with the shadow hidden), I couldn't get myself to picture a counter-clockwise rotation.

    PS: See also: http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/fcs_hollow-face/index.html
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  16. Mech_Engineer

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    I can see it going either direction, with just a little bit of concentration.
  17. Astronuc

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    I generally see it clockwise based on right leg extended, and for balance one would turn clockwise. If left leg was extended (and body tilted accordingly), then it would appear counter-clockwise.

    If I look at it, I can actually see it going either way, but ccw just looks weird and unnatural.

    Nicely proportioned - btw. :biggrin:
  18. I stared at it a good five or six minutes and don't understand how anyone can see it spinning counter-clockwise. Her right arm and right leg is bent at approximately a 45° angle. That same arm and leg appears on her right side and continues to swing around to the front, then continues to left and back around again... clockwise.

    If she was appearing to spin counterclockwise, wouldn't her limbs be moving from left to right when she is facing the viewer?
  19. lisab

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    Try looking about 10 cm to the left. When I do that, she goes counter-clockwise. Then move your eyes to the shadow, and she pops back to clockwise.
  20. Garth

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    Look at one of the legs of the rotating figure.

    Once you are convinced that she is rotating clockwise, or anticlockwise, say to yourself "in front, behind; in front, behind;...." as that leg goes first in front of and then behind the other one.

    Then deliberately reverse the spoken sequence, i.e. "in front, behind; in front, behind; behind, in front; behind, in front;..."

    Say it convincingly enough and the figure will rotate in the opposite direction!

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  21. ?? what's impossible about the counter-clockwise spin? her posture seems a little awkward CCW, but as an object I don't see the impossibility (it doesn't have to be a shadow, maybe it's a very opaque black object, or a high-contrast picture with the light source behind the object). both CW and CCW spins work equally well for me.

    EDIT: anyone else here would really like to meet whomever modeled for this picture. she looks hot :!!)
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