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News What do you think about: The ebtrance of Turkey in the EU?

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    I think in generall terms, Turkey, fulfills the criterias of entering in Europe, the three main ones are: a) GDP equal or less than three percent, b) Dept/GDP plus or minus 15 percent and c) it has a sustainable growth? do the Baltic countries have any higher standard of living higher than the Turkey?
    Your answers should be based on facts and arguments should be critical?
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    I suppose in general terms Turkey may fulfill the criteria, what at least will take quite a bit of time, say 10-15 years, is to abolish human rights violations and get treatment of minorities to a civil level for starters. I'd say they are making progress, but the timespan for admittance still looks to be quite long.
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    Disappointing news for those that have been following this story:


    How Turkey handles this may have a big role in determining how their bid to join the EU is negotiated.
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    Turkey's problem with becoming a member of EU is not (just?) the economy, but the human rights perspective.
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    In that case my only criticism is their human rights issues, if they can show these are no longer issues, then we should allow them to join.
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    Turkey has some hurdles to jump if it wants to join the EU...


    You cant join the EU unless you recognise all countries int the EU. Right now they dont, because of Cyprus. They also need to recognise what happened during the fall of the Ottoman Empire, that being the murder of many Christians because of their faith., a fact which is ratified by LAW in some EU countries. The economy of Turkey is also a problem, as it is substandard, and finally only a very small percentage if Turkey is actually in Europe, that being Asia Minor, or Thrace, Istanbul being the border between Europe and Asia. The one thing Turkey has going for it is its consumer base, the EU would benefit from that, however I think it would be a massive drain on the EU's economy before it would ever have a positive effect.

    So I doubt they will never Join, but the process to joining (The carrot) has been good for Turkey.. I dont think they will ever be let in IMHO due to these differences.

    As for the Balkans economy V Turkey. I would say most if not all of the EU countries in the Balkans Economy is better than that of Turkey. Would you disagree with that, and what do your believe *is* the Balkan region, because that definition is paramount to the arguement?
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    The problem with Turkey joining the EU is that the people on the street on the whole dont want them in. They dont see any positive to letting them in, and only negative. I cant see how Politics or Propaganda could change that. Really the biggest driver of this process is the American government, because they have self interests to having Turkey in the EU. The EU has more to loose than gain by allowing them to join. So any real Risk analysis done on this would finish on a NO right now. perhaps this will change in years/decades to come. But at this present time IMHO its a NO.
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    He said Baltic...:wink:
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    ohh.. I missread it, I presume he ment Balkan region as the Baltic region is nothing to do with Turkey, nor ever has done. Anyway the countries arround the Baltic sea, are a lot richer than Turkey.

    We will never know tho.. the inital question was posted in 2004 :smile:
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