What do you think about the Mac G5

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http://www.apple.com/powermac/video/ [Broken]

speaks for itself...
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As a mac user, I think the computer itself looks ugly. IMHO.

Plenty fast tho, with promises of 3ghz in 12 months...looks like apple is fighting back. PCs are still far better for games tho, simply because games are usually made for them first, then ported to the mac, if they are ported at all.

Gaming? Buy a pc. Anything else? Go getcha a mac


Apple's claims to the contrary, Macs are still far behind pc's in performance. In recent years, Apple has become quite good at manipulating tests in its favor.

Its nice to see a new product from them (long time since the last one) but they have a long way to go to become relevant again.
I won't disagree with that, Apple does slant results...

just like other mfcs do. There will never be a day that I trust ANY mfc who says their own product is better than another mfc's offering. Wait for independent tests, I say.
Mac severly manipulated their test restults. They used different codecs in the betchmarking programs and turned off hyperthreading on the Intel, among other things. Here is the report written by VeriTest (company that did the benchmark): http://www.veritest.com/clients/reports/apple/apple_performance.pdf [Broken]
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That's really interesting. They also used a single processor in the Dual Dell the G5 and used OSX up against Redhat when it would seem that they could have used SUSE linux on each machine for a more direct comparison of hardware specific power. Although they did use less memory in the G5 which seems wierd. It was a prototype system though.

I don't use Macs personally but from comments from friends that use them for video editing, apart from the fact that in their industry you just don't use any other platform (for small stuff anyway), they run into some fairly significant crashing problems too. I always thought that stability was supposed to be one of the bonuses of the mac. Prices have dropped a fair bit recently so maybe they will become more popular.

If only they ditched the single button mouse.

Raavin :)
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Go getcha a mac
I disagree. I use a Mac, but for "everything else besides games", is like saying Mac rules at everything.

PC seems to be popular for programming.

I mean, you would have no problem finding compilers that are easy to use without use of the command line or need to compile it yourself.

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