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What do you think of a reaction motor that works only with spinning pistons?

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    ill explain how it works:
    two cilinders are counter rotative now ill explain what it does one of them represented by a cigarete or similar

    take the cigarete by the center with the filter aiming at 9 oclock, spin it holding it by the center till the filter points at 3 oclock (going counterwise)

    them from 3 to 12 move your hold to the cigarete from the center to the extreme(oposite to the filter) at the same time you spin it till 12

    then fom 12 to 9 return the hold of the cigarete to the center and repit the process

    you have centrifugal force that pulls the object on one side of the circle (from 3 to 9) and balance in the othe half (from 9 to 3)

    what do you think?

    who could i contact in order to build it with spinning piston cilinders? (the pistons would move and recenter the center of gravity from the spinning axe and to it
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    I had a similar idea in high school; only done with three gears. I thought I would get a linear force that would tend to move the device in the direction of the offset of weight.

    Turned out, when I constructed the device, that it exactly balanced. Took as much force to reset the weights as was provided by the offset. So my guess is that your device would balance, with no offset forces; if that was your assertion. :smile:
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    i would like to be able to build this to check myself but the problem is that this device is very difficult to build since has an asimetric movement because theres one half of turn acumulating momentum and the other half making all the movement of the piston,
    you couldnt posibly have built this device in high school only similar as you say

    the problem is that this would contradict newtons third principle but since theres no obvious mistake in my engine i think its worth the try

    the problem is that i dont know how to build it
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    Take three gears 000 like the zeros. Put weights on the left-most and right-most gears so that the weights are offset to the right. Hold the middle gear and rotate the other two around it. You will see that the weights will be pointing to the right during the long stroke and to the left during the short stroke.

    This gets you the same thing as slipping the cylinder in a rotating hub. All the peices you need are in a simple erictor set.

    I don't think it will result in a linear force, but you need to try it. It is the only way you'll ever know for sure.

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