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What do you think of meqon?

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    meqon is a real time pysics simulator.
    It seams acurate and simulates objects
    on the computer as if they are real.


    It is much like a first person game only there is no goal its just
    clever and interactive.

    Here are some screenshots


    and read about it here:

    dosent need installing
    (I hate apps you have to install)

    Does primarily "rigid body" pysics
    and a liquid and cloth simulation.

    Havock is the other company compeeting in this field but
    to show them you will need a game called "half life 2"

    These two combines kick started objects being introduced into
    games that have this level of physics based user interaction.
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    How about providing us with a link to the documentation, rather than a link to the download.

    I'm not going to download a zipped binary without more information. Aside from not knowing whether or not the program will be interesting (what particular aspects of "physics" is this package simulating?), there's the concern that the program will be a trojan horse.
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    I Edit'ed my first post and made it more discriptive

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