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What does a Deaf person sound like in their own head?

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    So what does a person, born deaf, sound like in his/her own head?

    I know what I sound like in my head. I wonder what these people sound like.

    Do they think in visual's? And if that's the case what does a Blind and Deaf person sound like or see like in his/her head?

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    People who were born completely deaf do not "hear" themselves, they tend to think in very elaborate visual ways. I have been told that people who are both deaf and blind tend to think of everything in terms of feel.
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    I can't even imagine living a life like that, not that its a bad thing, I just don't know how to think of the world without sights/sounds.
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    If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing? :confused:
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    Thats harsh.
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    And if a mute gets arrested, do the cops still say "...you have the right to remain silent."

    <sorry, bad joke...I'm off>
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    I doubt that is the case. My experience with the blind has lead me to believe that they are not sensitive to the word "see," which comes up all the time--more than you might suppose. Things like, "Don't you see the point?" "I will see you tomorrow." "We will see about that." So, I assume the deaf are in the same situation, i.e., they don't want you to be so uptight that you don't relax and "Just talk like you usually do."
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    Bone-conduction can allow one to sense through the skull frequencies up to 100,000 Hz. Some hearing aids (fixed against bone) are based on such a phenomenon for the normally audible range.
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    I have a hearing disability, and I make jokes about it all the time.

    Some people try to, but half or most of the time they are terrible. I tell them they are stupid, and then I make a personal joke about them, so they shut up next time. :rofl:

    Think about it. A racist joke is funnier if and only if the race being made fun of is also the race of the joker. This applies to everything.

    In the end, be relaxed. If someone with a disability has problems with certain things, leave them alone since that is probably what they want.

    Note: I still pick up attractive ladies regardless of having a hearing aid. I was surprised myself. :biggrin:
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    One of the great Romeos in my class at Yale was a man who was hearing-impaired. He played water polo (one tough sport) without his hearing aids!

    Most deaf folks I have met are physically stronger than other people. In high school I remember Teddy, a very gentle black person, poor as a church mouse, getting signed the N-word. He picked up the offender (over his head, as it goes) and threw him down, breaking the signer's arm.
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