B What does a Penning trap say about the electron?


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You expressed your opinion
No, I told you what the actual science is: the math of QM. And I said that yes, the math has to include rules for what mathematical quantities match up with what experimental results.
You expressed quite common opinion of mathematical physicist*. Why do you say "No"? Can't you tell apart opinion from something else?

* I will make the point by quoting Feynman's opinion: "And there's a very important thing that a lot of people who study physics that come from mathematics don't appreciate. The physics is not mathematics, and mathematics is not physics. One helps the other."
The physics is not mathematics, and mathematics is not physics. One helps the other.
Since we're playing "find the quote", here's another one from Feynman: "If you want to understand Nature, you must learn the language she speaks in." Meaning mathematics. That's all I'm saying: if you want to be precise and describe the physics, you have to look at the math. And if two different "interpretations" both use the same math, then they are both describing the same physics, regardless of how different the ordinary language is that is used.
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