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What does an MBA graduate do?

  1. May 17, 2007 #1
    What does an MBA graduate do?

    I've always wondered that coz, if u get an MBA from Indian Institute of Management u get a salary of like Rs.1 crore(I think thats roughly USD250,000. Not sure if that's a high salary in US but definitely high according to Indian standards ).
    What do they actually do to warrant such a high salary?
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    That's extremely high by US standards. I know for a fact MBAs in the US don't make that much money. I think the average starting salary for MBAs in the US is around 85k.
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    I agree with Leright that is very high, i just looked it up and it says around 65k-85k
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    MBA graduates manage other people. They can have a role, theoretically, in any business that produces any product imaginable. In reality, most roles require some familiarity with the business, so an MBA might be restricted by undergraduate training or experience. And no, MBA graduates do not typically earn $250k USD! If you earn more than $100k in the US, you're in the top 10% of the population. $250k would probably be more like the top 1%.

    - Warren
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    Business Administration isn't necessarily about managing people so much as it is about managing the affairs of a business.

    There's a lot of fields traditionally studied in business school that are used all over the place. Some of the big topics are accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain management, operations research, human resources, and economics. If you want to know why some people get paid so well after they leave B school, look into some of these fields. My guess is that finance and marketing generally tend to be the big money fields. If you're good anyway.
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    Of course, the 250k figure in the OP is absurd.

    However, even the 85k starting salary is misleading. Many people who get MBA's already had work experience. Because of this, their "starting" salary as an MBA seems high.

    If you look at starting salary for MBA's with less than 2 years of prior experience and you will find starting salaries that are closer to 65k, maybe even less.
  8. Nov 7, 2008 #7
    From my knowledge that salary is what might be paid to the occasional star graduating from an IIM - kind of like the salary paid to perhaps some celebrated Harvard grad...the once in 3-10 years kinds. That would be reasonable. Often such salaries are paid to management graduates who have vast amounts of experience prior to the management degree. That might also be a reasonable figure when you consider that most such hires involve overseas assignments but are written about in local newspapers in local currencies. Often hyped.
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