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What does an underlined U mean?

  1. Aug 24, 2004 #1
    What does an underlined "U" mean?

    Hi, Im a newbie to physics, can somebody let me know what an underlined "U" means?


    Has it got to do with an unstable system moving towards chaos? Is it a quantum thing?

    Like I said Im a newbie, and this expression may not even exist!

    Thanks in advance.
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    Might help if you mentioned where and under what circumstance you saw the term under. I do not recall seeing it before though. BTW I think most people understand what an underlined u is, you don't need to type it in such a large font! It appears somewhat aggressive or demanding. Let us know where you saw the term though.
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    Sorry I didnt mean to shout! I didnt have a graphic of one, but yeah it is pretty damn obvious :wink:

    I think I read it in the Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra.
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    What page? I have the book.
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    EEEgh! good question. I borrowed it from the library. Hmm. Maybe somewhere around the chapter that was on about 'parallels'? I had a skim through this chapter again a few weeks ago but couldnt find anything. Ive since almost given up! Its driving me nuts!! (I may be mistaken here, it may not even be Capra's book!)
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    Ok sorry a context. Hmm a stable system moving progressively into something else, maybe a different system, or in quantum physics maybe the underlined u represents a potential or 'fixed' system based on all the probabilities that went into the 'observation'? Like I said Im a newbie, I hope Im not overly complicating things, and I may even have it all wrong.
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    Well it's not in Capra's book...I look through the whole chapter relating to "parallels". Maybe someone else can help you. I have no clue what an underlined u means. Why do you ask? What purpose do you have to determine it's meaning?
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