What does CLK mean?

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I'm currently investigating a TTL logic circuit (TI 74LS74), and I'm stuck with a few shortifications. What does CLK stand for? It is represented in the logic diagram, and has implication on pulse duration. I have searched through a lot of litterature without finding any clue.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Clock input.

LS74 is a D flip flop with positive edge clock trigger. On every rising edge of the CLK input, what ever presented at the D input will be transfered to the Q output provide the signal at the D input satisfies the set up time and hold time requirements.
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Hi guys ! i want to add my opinion also on this topic that CLK means a clock signal. we can say it is a specific type of signal that oscillates between high and low states.it is utilized to provide the trigger pulse to digital circuits and we can also say it trigger pulse signal. trigger pulse is applied to digital circuits to change the particular state.