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What does everything strive for? Randomness? Perfection? Conformity? Acceptance?

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    In asking this question, I am assuming randomness exists, but I cannot be certain. I am also assuming that 'perfection'. I cannot be certain of that either. I have also heard that everything strives for perfection, but I also cannot be certain. From this, I have induced that some people strive for randomness to achieve perfection, or interpret perfection as randomness not conformity.

    I do not know if conformity exists. In my sense of the word I feel it does, but then again in my sense of the words randomness and perfection i feel they exist so I am forced to say I cannot be certain if conformity exists.

    But I am just curious as to whether or not they are close to a universal definition of perfection:randomness or conformity

    I have also been wondering whether or not the universe is perfect. Who am I to question the perfection of the universe? It may not be ideal in my eyes, but that does not mean it is perfect in the sense of the word.

    There is another thing that I know, is that everyone has a different vision in their head of what perfection is. On a social scale I think that acceptance by everyone is perfection. I guess it depends on the context of what you use the word perfection to describe but in most cases I have to argue that when someone says something is "perfect," a better term (well phrase) would be satisfatory adequate to expectation and performance.

    I'm not asking as humans what we strive for, but the universe as a whole. But people have argued that everything struggles for innate perfection including humans. Even a scientist hypothesized this (he was wrong in the example he used a fiddler crab evolving by using it's claw and consequently becoming larger and more efficient)

    Any thoughts on the general subject?
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entropy" [Broken]
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    Entropy...and what category does entropy fall under? Randomness? Perfection? Acceptance? Conformity?... You don't specify anything. Just a word and a link.

    Anyone can put a word, and make it a link.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallacy" [Broken]

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    Did you actually read the link?

    It explains entropy exactly. The reason I picked entropy is because it isn't a property of physics, but a property of math in general. So it seems not to be just a part of our universe, but of reality in general.

    Read up on what entropy is and you'll know what I'm talking about.
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    well I think a more defined term for perfect is needed. something could be perfectly random or perfectly organized. but without a more defined term, I think that perfection is in the moment. and as far as I can tell the universe only exists. which is to say it doesn't strive for anything but is in the moment (perfection). no matter if it becomes more chaotic or more organized.
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    I say conformity, definitely conformity.
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    When you say everything, are you asking what dust is striving for?

    Do you mean living organisms? Are you asking someone to actually tell you what bacteria wants?

    I'm sorry, you need to put some parameters around this and provide definitions. Otherwise this thread doesn't meet the criteria for discussion.
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    "Strives" sounds like it necessitates ability to jump over obstacles to get to state or goal.
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    When you start questioning why or the purpose of things...it can really just become a debate over people's own interpretations, I'd say.
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    Apparently the entire universe is one big survival unit. Otherwise there wouldn't be a universe that's been around for 14 billion years.
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    Conformity is simply a support group for the ego. Perfection is simply what the ego wants to thinks of itself.

    The idea is that you are more right when others agree, and if not, then you can at least falsely assure each other that you are.
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    What is up with all those sell out conformist dust particles anyways?
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    Perhaps gravity is really just what mass strives for because particles get lonely?
  15. May 26, 2008 #14
    That's what Aristotle thought.
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