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What does exophillic and endophillic mean in terms of mosquito and their control?

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    Tell me if I'm right.

    Endophillic - rest indoors
    Exophillic- rest outdoors
    Endophagic- bite indoors
    Exophagic -bite ourtdoors.

    Now my questions is in terms of fogging and indoor residual spraying do we do it by considering the resting habits of mosquitoes or biting habits. Also Culex quinquefasciatus rests indoor but indoor residual spraying is not useful. Why?

    Thanks :smile:
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    If this is for your USMLE prep you're in the land of low yield my friend.
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    No no this is not USMLE. Please share your knowledge Bobze!! I have messaged you also.
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