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What does it mean to fail?

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    Lets say some friend of yours say that you are wrong, but you believe that you are right, you go ahead and do it, then it turns out that he was right...what does it actually mean then? What does failure implies?
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    When one thinks "I" have failed, failure initself is of no consequence, but it is how "I" react to failure. If you were to consider the "I" carefully and this does not take very long you will notice that "I" am no more than a continous stream of thoughts and reactions to the inviroment. So when this thought stream is challanged (which is another way of saying "failure") it is as though the thought stream has lost its direction and "I" feel upset.
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    It means what you want it to mean.

    You can look at it as if you tried to do something "your own way", and if that was your goal, you failed.

    You can look at it as if you tried to do something, and someone else taught you a new trick, and if your goal was to adapt and accomplish the task, whether or not it was "your way", then you succeeded.

    So, ask yourself
    1] what you really wanted to accomplish,
    2] whether you're a better person afterwards (perhaps because you learned something).

    All challenges are opportunities for success or failure; it's up to you which it is.
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    Consider your scenario without a friend first telling you that you were wrong. In this case you simply have an idea, you try it out and it doesn't work. No big deal, this happens all the time to all of us. Does this failure imply something different compared to the case where someone initially disagreed with you? I can think of an initial communication failure, either your friend's failure to explain himself clearly or your failure to understand the nature of his objection. This also happens all the time and I'm not sure if it has profound implications...
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    It means that your brain chemistry has changed; the universe did not have an opinion in favor of either outcome.
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    failure is a necessary step to succeed. Without failure we could not right from wrong.
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