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What does it mean to say

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    Char. Limit

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    to me, this suggests that N=1...
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    it depends on what its referring to.... but yeah, if 'P' & 'N' are independent variables... then N = 1.....
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    P=NP is referring to two sets: P is the set of problems which can be solved with a polynomial time algorithm, and NP is the set of problems which can be checked to see if the solution is correct in polynomial time, but a solution can't be found in polynomial time.

    As an example for how a distinction is natural:

    For example, if I asked you to find integer solutions to the equation xy + yx=145, this would be fairly difficult. But if I tell you x=3, y=4 is a solution, it's really easy to check.

    It's a famous conjecture that P is NOT equal to NP: in normal language, that just because a problem is easy to check, it doesn't mean it's easy to solve. Nobody actually has a proof one way or the other though
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