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What does slam into mean?

  1. Oct 26, 2011 #1
    What does "slam into" mean?

    The prompt about impulse and momentum says "a large comet or asteroid slammed into the earth". Does the prompt means that the comet or asteroid combined with the earth after collision and moved together at same speed after the collision?
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    Re: What does "slam into" mean?

    What's a 'prompt' in this context?
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    Re: What does "slam into" mean?

    I asked prof and he said I should make an assumption about the motion after collision. Thank you DaveC426913.
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    Re: What does "slam into" mean?

    I think the phrase "slammed into" could equally well be followed by any number of phrases such as, for example, (1) "and was absorbed by", (2) "and bounced off off"
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    Re: What does "slam into" mean?

    Yes exactly! So I was asked to make assumptions.
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