What does string theory mean for time travel into the past?

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Being tremendously bored I was looking up things on the outskirts of possibility like time travel into the past on wikipedia. There I was reading about Hawkings Chronology Protection Conjecture argument against such possibilities for time travel to the past as a result of the fundamental laws of nature... The page goes on then and says " but physicists cannot come to a definite judgment on the issue without a theory of quantum gravity to join quantum mechanics and general relativity into a completely unified theory". So if string theory does turn out to be our universes T.O.E.(Theory of Everything) than, as it unifies theories of quantum gravity, quantum mechanics and general relativity, what does this mean for the prospects of time travel to the past. Does string theory make this possible, impossible, or as string theory is still quite undeveloped does this leaves us in a similar position to that which we were at before such a theory? Thanks, I hope for some exciting and intuitive answers.

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