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What does the liquid from the lungs look like?

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    so, i was just in the shower after my mum cut my hair, and i went for my towel cos i had shampoo on my face, then all of a sudden with my eye's shut i bend over and cough out, quite easily, what i later discovered to be snot, greenish mucus, and a small amount of blood in the centre...

    now recently (usually) i've had excesive amounts of mucus in my throat and the area around my nose, and a sore throat... my dad told me to swab my nostril's and the back of my throught(i hardly managed that)... there was nothing but mucus from 1 nostril, my dad also checked the back of my throat and said that it was red and swollen(or something like that)...

    anyway, could anyone tell me if this could be dangerous, what colour is the mucus in the lungs and other area's? what symptom's i might feel if this is bad???
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    sounds like you just have a sore throat, or the flu
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    The green mucous would indicate a bacterial infection, I suggest you go to the doctor.
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    'Healthy" phlegm is normally clear or white. Yellow phlegm is normally a sign of an infection. Greenish or brownish phlegm is nearly always a sign of infection.'

    ok then, it's just that since then i've been mostly clear, and the phlem i cough up has been clear, so i think that it might have passed all of a sudden in the heat... well, thanks for the help...
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    If the phlegm is greenish or has blood in it, as mentioned, it's a good sign of infection, and that you should see a doctor pronto! Even if it has recently appeared to clear up, you should still call your doctor and explain the symptom to have them check you out. It could be that you had an infection that cleared up on its own, or it could be lingering asymptomatically (like walking pneumonia...not sure what kind of phlegm that results in, but people just don't realize they are sick until it totally knocks them down). It's always worth a call to your doctor whenever you're in doubt about something. Depending on the symptom, they could reassure you it's nothing, insist you come in immediately or go straight to an emergency room, or decide it's time to schedule an appointment at your soonest convenience for a double check (sometimes with instructions to call back if symptoms worsen before your appointment).
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