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What Does The ^ Symbol Mean?

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    Acceleration= distance / time ^ 2
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    In that context it presumably means "to the power of".
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    Thanks. :smile:
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    It is NOT a standard mathematics (or physics) symbol but is used on the internet when you aren't able to write superscripts.
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    Math Is Hard

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    It's also used on some calculators, and some spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel.
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    D H

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    And in TeX and in Matlab and in Mathematica and ...

    However, in some computer languages it means exclusive or.
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    It's well enough institutionalized you could call it standard notation. No, Newton and Euler wouldn't know what it meant, but anyone who's ever used a hand calculator would.
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    The ^ notation for exponentiation came out of BASIC. FORTRAN uses ** for the same purpose, but most other high-level programming languages that I know of don't have a corresponding operator.
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    Python uses ** for exponentiation.
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