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Homework Help: What does this experiment show?

  1. Sep 1, 2004 #1
    My physics teacher explained an expirment to the class and asked us to find out what it measures, what rules - if any apply, and how that relates to things in real life This is the experiment.. :confused:

    A tank is filled with water and ditergent is added to it and stirred around.

    Differant shapes are made using copper wire but they all have the same area.
    A 2nd set of shapes is formed this time with a differant area.
    The shapes are circle, square, triangle and trapazoid.

    Each of the shapes are put into the tank and then removed and then a stop watch counts the number of seconds before, the bubble that is formed pops. This is repeated a number of times and then the 2nd set of shapes with a differant area are put threw the same steps.

    Now the question is that i dont quite understand... is what is this measuring?? is it surface tention? or what? could somone please explain this to me and mainly the what rules - if any apply, and how that relates to things in real life. :confused:

    Thank you heaps for you help

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    I don't know if I can help much - I don't know what you've learnt (so I can't know for show the things this could be asking.)

    Here's some hints though:

    You're measuring surface tension, correct.

    Think about this: The prac is asking you to compare shapes all with the same area, and then compare shapes with different area.

    Maybe try doing the experiment, and then having a look at your results. Something might jump out at you then.

    When you've got the results, post them here and I'll try and offer a few more hints. (These forums are for help only, not doing questions for people. :tongue2: )
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    hahah hints only ok i get ya well thank you when i get these results i will post them and you can try and help me understand them more

    thanks for you help
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