What does this mean in english -Russian

  1. ya ruskayya, ti toeshhe? DULA

    I have no idea how to translate this.
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  3. probably because it's so badly spelled.
  4. a ukranian girl sent it to me. if you know its badly spelled how do you not know what it means?
  5. Just write this back to her:

    Ya amerikanski. Moee eegrooshka ochyen bolshoi.

  6. not till you tell me what it means, i have reasonable odds with this one.
  7. No language has a word with two 'h's side by side. Dead give away.
  8. Good for you.

    Here's what you should write:

    I am American. I don't speak Russian.

    That means:

    "I am American. I don't speak Russian."
  9. If you don't want to ruin your chances, just say "I don't speak Russian", she doesn't have to know your american.
  10. That's true. She'll never suspect a thing. Even after he invites her to the States for the wedding.
  11. Astronuc

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    ya ruskayya, ti toeshhe? = I'm Russian, you also?

    assuming toeshhe = tozhe = тоже which means also.

    :rolleyes: Not until you get to know her first.
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  12. hahaha.

    thanks astronuc
  13. Damnit. I thought that was the translation, some kind of joke. **** i just said that to her :frown:

    Nyet! eta bad your toy is very big!!!? TI ochen plahoy malcheek!

    her response ^....i think i should quit now :yuck: but whats it mean.
  14. cronxeh

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    It means "No! Its bad your toy is very big!!!? You are a very bad boy"

    And if you really wanna impress this Ukranian "hohlushka", I suggest you tell her:

    "moya igrushka komplimentiruet razmer moego karmana, i moyei lubvi k tvoemu narodu :D"
  15. whats it mean, i dont know if she likes the dirty talk yet.
  16. cronxeh

    cronxeh 1,202
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    It means "my toy compliments the size of my wallet, and my love towards your people :D"
  17. This is the kind of thread in which it's appropriate to say,
    [size=+2]PF = ПФ :biggrin:[/size]
    (Форумы по физике ?)

    [Столко много наших Русскийх --> зесь в ПФ ! :smile:]
    Oldunion, выучи Русский язык, и тогда каждая украика .. .. :rolleyes:

    (P.S., Astronuc, you speak Russian?)
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2005
  18. ps: oldunion cannot converse in russian-french and german are fair game :wink:
  19. Then may God bless this site :approve:
  20. how about this:

    Vee ochen haroshaw havarritee pa rooskey
  21. That says: "You speak Russian very well."
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